Conscious Parenting Retreat

29th Septemeber - 3rd October 2019

We have created a space for CHANGE...



The most powerful age to make change is now!


Join us at this all inclusive retreat for parents and children.


Where judgement doesn't live, education tools and healing are delivered. This is a chance to reconnect with yourself and your child, empower you to move through and forward to a better relationship!

Does this excite you?

Leave with concrete tools to empower you to handle any situation from a place of love and connection.

Leave with a road map for your family for when things get hard you have tools to reach for Press the reset button and know that everyday you can begin again with your child and you can heal and repair past programming and trauma.

We are all doing our best, unpack the pain from our own childhood so we can show up as the parents we all really want to be.

2092019 - Ubud, Bali

Conscious Parenting Retreat


I am so excited to share with you a retreat that is inspired and created to bring deep connection and shifts to both parent and child in a beautiful, serene environment.


Bringing LUXURY and LEARNING together in a SPECIALLY designed retreat for both parents and children to walk away feeling REFRESHED, empowered and ready to embrace life and family with a love and understanding to make the relationship strong, long lasting and full of communication that will allow a child to feel COMPLETELY at ease with who they are as an individual. 

This retreat will give parents a chance to learn about the function of a child's mind, ways to respond effectively whilst also working on their own needs.


You can also look forward to organic meals, luxury accommodation, workshops designed especially for children to reconnect with nature, meditations, exercise, play and specially designed workshops to bring in the luxe vibes of a retreat!

It is time to spoil yourself and your child with TIME, with a difference.




Who can benefit from this retreat?

Are you a parent who suffers from worry, stress, GUILT or fear about your child?

Have you become a yeller and swore you never would, caught in a cycle where you feel like you are failing as a parent?

Are you a parent who knows the importance of food and health but stuck in the wheel of giving your child or children sugar, excess meat, or foods you swore to never resort to?!

Are you having challenges connecting with your child as they request the TV, iPad or phone constantly?


Are you caught in endless power struggles and punishments when you know there is another way but are caught in a patterns that keeps repeating?

Are you ready to build a strong long lasting connection and bond with your child that will make the many years to come flow with EASE?

Are you ready to EMBRACE your child for all that they are to EMPOWER a better future of feeling FULL, complete and enough?

Alana is such a down to earth and positive soul. I just attended her one day body, mind, heart retreat run which was truly amazing! 

Britt Barrett

Conscious Parenting Retreat

hosted by Alana G 

Ubud, Bali

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