Meet Our Experts
Alana G
Founder of
Conscious Parenting Retreat
  Personal Trainer and Transformational Coach 

Alana has been in the wellness industry for over 10 years. She has been involved with many events to facilitate change.

A solo mum of one her past traumas of her own childhood came to surface giving birth to her girl Ahlia.

Her passion for learning mindfulness, her desire to rewrite the future by creating a strong connection with  her daughter became her mission.

 On her journey she was called to create this retreat due to the lack of resources.  The VISION was clear.

It was time for parents and children to be supported together in a space where change rapidly existed and life lasting lessons, tools and strategies were found.

Brooke March
Founder of Mommy Minutes
Working with families in Conscious Parenting for over 8 years

Brooke always knew there had to be a different way to connect with children. Upon becoming a new mom and knowing she wanted to do things differently than what she saw around her, she embarked on the road of studying new paradigm parenting.

Studying the work of Magda Gerber, Dr Lawrence Cohen, Aletha Solter, and becoming a certified instructor to lead parents in this art of listening to feelings and helping them process emotions in order to build a deeper connection.

She is the founder of MommyMinutes and loves to empower parents to understand their children’s needs from the inside out. Brooke says: “ the parenting tools I learned changed my entire life as a mom and I want to shout from the roof tops that this CAN be so much easier!”. Every single parent I have ever worked with has told me the same thing : “ I wish I had known about this earlier” she says.

She is a child advocate and a full believer that it is never to late to learn new skills and create the relationship you want and it is NEVER too late to heal. 

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Trey Williams
The Conscious Dad

Trey started working with children at an early age of just 18 as he took his first overseas holiday. He landed a role as a counselor in Rhode Island in the States and then found himself for 3 more years at a kids camp in Malibu California. Trey really enjoyed his experience working with kids from 6 to 16. Trey found out early to inspire and connect with kids it took a special way of relating , one very different to main stream channels.

Trey used his experience and love with people to now enjoy a coaching business around consciousness, breathwork  and yoga working  with parents in relationships and life performance.

He became a father 12 years ago and now uses his knowledge with kids and consciousness to enjoy the fun flow and freedom with his aviation loving  son Skyler.

Treys passion with kids and parents  is to help them to see their true Infinite power through Breathwork and present moment practises. He combines the art of intimate communication along with practical tools to inspire and help kids and parents to be the very best they can and to create harmonic lifelong connections for peaceful more fulfilling parenting.

Conscious Parenting Retreat

hosted by Alana G 

Ubud, Bali

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