What is Conscious Parenting?

Your world will be totally transformed after you understand your children from the inside out. Focusing on emotional intelligence and diving into the needs of US parents is essential to changing hard behavior and creating new possibilities. Learn how to meet their needs in a new gentle way that Is not only effective but works. You will leave with new tools you can use to handle any situation. You will learn how to end power struggles. How to shift out of being triggered and back into your heart, how to effectively build respect and cooperation with your children without the need for threats and punishments. You will get the support YOU need for your individual family dynamics and leave with a road map for your family to keep you all on track and building the long term deep connected relationships we all want with our children. It is never too late to shift things and it is always possible to heal your past.

Conscious Parenting Retreat

hosted by Alana G 


Ubud, Bali

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